The Charger Foundation – Blue & Gold Gala Fundraiser

The Charger Foundation recently had it’s 1st annual Blue & Gold Gala fundraiser on February 9, 2019. This event brought over 250 people together to raise money for Martin schools. With over 100 items were graciously donated by local businesses and individuals, the Charger Foundation was able to raise $22,000 in profit at the event. Christie’s Photography captured pictures of each Gala attendee.  Read more in the upcoming edition of Weakley County Neighbors.

Weakley County Young Professionals

As a relatively newly formed organization, Weakley County Young Professionals began as the community project for the 2016 Weakley County Leadership Class. Its goal is to promote the vibrant professional community that Weakley County offers as a way to attract graduating UTM students to “stay local” rather than apply for jobs in larger markets. As our mission states, we want to bring together young professionals of Weakley County by providing opportunities for professional development, personal growth and community service. Our organization wants to shine a spotlight on professionals that embody those traits.  Read more in the upcoming issue of Weakley County Neighbors.


Weakley County Backpack Program

In 2010, the Weakley County Schools Health Coordinator spoke to the Dresden Rotary Club about the challenges of teaching and fostering good nutrition in the school system. During her presentation, she talked about the problem of children not having enough to eat and that some communities had started providing food to hungry children on the weekends as a way to supplement their diet. Many in the Rotary Club were surprised that food insecurity was such an issue in our county. This was the beginning of the Weakley County Backpack Program. After that meeting, several people met and discussed the formation and viability of a program to feed the hungry children of Weakley County.  See upcoming magazine for complete article.